My Story...

In January 2020 I sold my production company to my partner, ready for a change and something new. 
Little did I know that in a couple months, the entire world would get my wish, and the business sector that had been my entire life would essentially vanish overnight.
I moved to San Francisco— a lifelong dream I never thought would happen since my work was on Broadway— and began a two year sojourn that would bring a lot of discovery, a lot of loss, and lot of transformational growth. 
I was amazed not to miss the thrum of New York City and the thrill of the Great White Way. I was even more amazed to find myself flourishing as I began to serve as a mentor and a leader for a community of people struggling to find their way into the early days of the AfterTimes. It felt so far away from what I began to refer to as “my previous life.”
It was only by a chance encounter with the UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute that I realized that the vocabulary and values I had begun to write and speak about in SF—rooted in the lessons I had learned in the theater— could form the basis for an approach to leadership that would be of service in all kinds of industries.  
Today I’m a coach, a teacher, a speaker, and a writer. I work mostly with Silicon Valley executives, but all I really look for in a client is a commitment to their own self improvement so that they can be of service to the people that matter to them as they seek to improve themselves. 
Show up for yourself, so you can show up for your people: that’s my definition of leadership, and it’s my definition of living well, too. 
Folks talk about adulting. 
I show you how to people.